Welcome to Endless Frontier Data

This site provides information relating to the game Endless Frontier, available for Android and Apple devices. See the links page for download links. Much of the work behind this page a collaborative effort behind members of the largest Endless Frontier Discord. Join us by clicking here.

25/01/2017 - Some Minor Additions

  • New Nordic Pets added (Names subject to change).
  • New Artifacts added (Korean Names only)
  • New medals page added.

27/12/2017 - Version 1.5 Released

A major overhaul has just been completed. Thanks to excellent work from Nino, Mortr and Magic the data behind the scenes is now much more complete and everything is more robust.

12/10/2017 - Initial Release

This is the initial release of the site. The plan is to increase the scope of this site over time.