Welcome to Endless Frontier Data

This site provides information relating to the game Endless Frontier, available for Android and Apple devices. See the links page for download links. Much of the work behind this page is a collaborative effort behind members of the largest Endless Frontier Discord. Join us by clicking here.

2019-10-28 - Some new information added

A few patches have come out since the last update here, so some missing pets, translations and such have been added. The R1 Stage9+ resistance stats are on the to do list, so hopefully they'll get done.

2019-07-17 - Many Changes

Firstly the translation system is fairly fixed. There are likely some errors introduced in some data, but most languages should be almost complete. A huge thanks to mZex#2412 for spending a lot of time and effort generating the data for me. Next there have been various little changes on the site:

  • A few CSS changes to make some things clearer.
  • Unit pages now default to showing unit skills.
  • A tweak to the pet list to make it display more clearly in various languages/devices.
  • Artifacts can now be displayed by image instead of the tables.
  • Various missing images, previously incorrect translations and such fixed.
Thanks to all the bug reports that have come in to help get here!

2019-06-27 - Information Update (as usual)

Some new data and some bug fixes:

  • Some typos fixed in Dark Priestess and Royal Fairy.
  • Various missing translations added (some from bad Google translate, but most proper ones).
  • Some missing images added on artifacts and new pets. Some missing gifs added to the pets.
  • Added a picture of the reward on the Spirit Highlands stages, including a link to any pets.