Welcome to Endless Frontier Data

This site provides information relating to the game Endless Frontier, available for Android and Apple devices. See the links page for download links. Much of the work behind this page a collaborative effort behind members of the largest Endless Frontier Discord. Join us by clicking here.

2019-03-07 - Minor Update

Added new H14 units/pets and tidied up some missing translations.

2019-02-08 - Winter is here

I've added a donate link in the footer if anyone is so inclined.

Recent additions to the site include:

  • Guild Raid Section added
  • Spirit Highlands Hard Mode
  • New Pets, mainly events.
  • New Artifacts, mainly for event pets.
  • Updated Pets to reflect new in game ordering
  • Moved some links onto the headers of pages where they are relevant.
  • Various bug fixes behind the scenes.

2018-12-29 - News Feed Laziness

Updates have been a little patchy at times lately, but are still coming through, however I frequently fail to update this news page.

One key issue is the method of translation the site has been using has stopped being viable lately, making the whole process more manual. Additionally Ekkorr seem to be changing things behind the scenes that may make this site much harder to maintain. However, for now we're still up to date, running with H13 units (although missing some images), the new pets from Spirit Highlands hard mode, and much more.

There are quite a few improvements, particularly to airships, that are planned, but I admit the motivation has been lacking with the extra work needed to merely keep up to date with the in game patches.

Currently the data is roughly aligned with Korean Version 3.3.3, which is roughly comparable with Global Version 2.4.0.