Quest Open
Quest Time

Quest Name Open Cost Quest Time Friendliness
Clean Castle900:01
Repair Weapons11000:03
Repair Equipment1.60a00:05
Investigate the Outland Void25.10a00:10
Slay the Outland Drake401.80a00:30
Slay the Outland Spider Horde6.80b01:00
Mine Crystal Gemstones123.00b02:00
Refine Outland Crystals2.30c03:00
Slay the Broodmother47.00c05:00
Capture the Outland Krakken392.00c07:00
Defend from Outland attacks275.00d15:00
Horde Outland Crystals8.96e00:30
Destroy the enemy's Crystal Mine13.20e10:00
Slay the Two Headed Outland Snake990.00e30:00
Capture the Red Outland Dragon29.50f00:10
Investigate the Black Wizard25.90g10:00
Slay the Black Wizard12.00h30:00
Spy on the Enemy Commander5.30i60:00
Slay the Outland Hordes20.00j05:00
Slay the Enemy Commander35.80k30:00
Slay the Outland Archdemon3.20l10:00
Dispatch Delegation Throughout Outland7.30m01:00
Establish Rule over the Kingdom16.00n10:00
Discover the Omen of the Second Outland War86.00o03:00
Dispatch Team to Investigate the Omen92.00q20:00
Slay the Archdragon9.60t10:00
Slay the Archdragon 22.33x20:00
1st exploration into the destruction of E-772 Outland2.33ad40:00
Investigate the existence of Golden Knightage2.33aj300:00
2nd exploration into the destruction of E-772 Outland333.00aq300:00
Holding back the resurrection of ancient god of destruction183.00ay300:00
Ultimate Training of Outland Knightage1.83bi300:001000
Establish Godly Knightage883.00bq300:002500
Defend against Outland Monster Invasion3.33bv300:003500
차원수 결전 함대 건조 (Korean)233.00cb300:005000
제1차 차원 대전 준비 (Korean)43.30ci300:006500
차원수 10억 마리 처치 (Korean)8.33cp300:008500
차원수 50억 마리 처치 (Korean)433.00cv300:0011000