Quest Open
Quest Time

Quest Name Open Cost Quest Time Friendliness
1. Clean Castle9.0000m 01s
2. Repair Weapons110.0000m 03s
3. Repair Equipment1600.0000m 05s
4. Spirit Highlands(Normal)25100.0000m 10s
5. Slay the Outland Drake401800.0000m 30s
6. Slay the Outland Spider Horde6.80b01m 00s
7. Mine Crystal Gemstones123b02m 00s
8. Refine Outland Crystals2.30c03m 00s
9. Slay the Broodmother47c05m 00s
10. Capture the Outland Krakken392c07m 00s
11. Defend from Outland attacks27.5d15m 00s
12. Horde Outland Crystals896d00m 30s
13. Destroy the enemy's Crystal Mine13.2e10m 00s
14. Slay the Two Headed Outland Snake990e30m 00s
15. Capture the Red Outland Dragon29.5f00m 10s
16. Investigate the Black Wizard25.9g10m 00s
17. Slay the Black Wizard12h30m 00s
18. Spy on the Enemy Commander5.30i60m 00s
19. Slay the Outland Hordes20j05m 00s
20. Slay the Enemy Commander35.8k30m 00s
21. Slay the Outland Archdemon3.20l10m 00s
22. Dispatch Delegation Throughout Outland7.30m01m 00s
23. Establish Rule over the Kingdom16n10m 00s
24. Discover the Omen of the Second Outland War86o03m 00s
25. Dispatch Team to Investigate the Omen92q20m 00s
26. Slay the Archdragon9.60t10m 00s
27. Slay the Archdragon 22.33x20m 00s
28. 1st exploration into the destruction of E-772 Outland2.33ad40m 00s
29. Investigate the existence of Golden Knightage2.33aj5h 00m 00s
30. 2nd exploration into the destruction of E-772 Outland333aq5h 00m 00s
31. Holding back the resurrection of ancient god of destruction183ay5h 00m 00s
32. Ultimate Training of Outland Knightage1.83bi5h 00m 00s1000
33. Establish Godly Knightage883bq5h 00m 00s2500
34. Defend against Outland Monster Invasion3.33bv5h 00m 00s3500
35. Construct Battle Airships to fight Outland Monsters233cb5h 00m 00s5000
36. Preparation for Outland War I43.3ci5h 00m 00s6500
37. Defeat 1 Billion Outland Monsters8.33cp5h 00m 00s8500
38. Defeat 5 Billion Outland Monsters433cv5h 00m 00s11000
39. Defeat the Outland Commander233dd5h 00m 00s14000
40. Rescue the Commander of Godly Knightage83.3dn5h 00m 00s17000
41. Defeat the Asteroid-sized Outland Monster 173.3dx5h 00m 00s19000
42. Defeat 10 Billion Outland Monsters2.41el>8 years22000
43. Defeat the Asteroid-sized Outland Monster 21.55ev>12 years26000
44. Prepare for the War against the resurrected Ancient God of Destruction962fg>14 years30000
45. Defeat the Ancient God of Destruction5.61fv>19 years34000
46. Celebrate Victory at War24.2gn>23 years38000
47. Restore War47.2ha>27 years42000
48. Establishment of Outland Defense Command Center3.95ho>33 years46000
49. Investigation of Ancient Transcendental Civilization5.50ie>39 years
50. Defeat Outland Monster 15.51ja>47 years
51. Exploration into Undiscovered Ancient Armory1.60jx>57 years
52. Defeat Outland Monster 23.62kw>63 years
53. Find Destroyed Artifact from an Ancient Planet72.4lw>229 years
54. Find the Ultimate Ancient Weapon, Armageddon1.44my>459 years
55. Explore Alternate Dimension Planet 12.89ob>918 years
56. Restore Armageddon5.79pg>1836 years
57. Repair Armageddon System115qm>3673 years
58. Ancient War Record Stone Tablet Decrypt23.1rv>7346 years
59. Explore Alternate Dimension Planet 246.3tg>14693 years
60. Restore Armageddon Engine926ut>29386 years
61. N/A1.85wl>58770 years