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Special - Material Human

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Please note, where the image is missing, highlight for the name of the object. This will be fixed soon. The numbers in the corner of the images mean nothing.

Steel Cannon ⅠSteel Plate ⅠSteel Engine ⅠRed Steel Wheel ⅠSteel Hammer ⅠGoddess Figurehead Ⅰ
Steel Cannon ⅡSteel Plate ⅡSteel Engine ⅡRed Steel Wheel ⅡSteel Hammer ⅡGoddess Figurehead Ⅱ
Steel Cannon ⅢSteel Plate ⅢSteel Engine ⅢRed Steel Wheel ⅢSteel Hammer ⅢGoddess Figurehead Ⅲ
Steel Cannon ⅣSteel Plate ⅣSteel Engine ⅣRed Steel Wheel ⅣSteel Hammer ⅣGoddess Figurehead Ⅳ
Steel Cannon ⅤSteel Plate ⅤSteel Engine ⅤRed Steel Wheel ⅤSteel Hammer ⅤGoddess Figurehead Ⅴ