Ignis' Sword 7*

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Source: Furion

Artifact Ability

Trans Level
Enhancement Level
Artifact Set Level

+ Increase the critical damage of Undead : 1.80b%
+ Decrease the quest upgrade cost : 1.50b%

Fire Hell Lord's Arms Set +0 (+0 Artifacts Required)

Set Effect (2/5)
Increase basic game speed : 37%
Decrease the quest upgrade cost : 3.44b%

Set Effect (4/5)
Increase attack speed of all units : 15%
Increase attack power of all units : 2.41b%

Set Effect (5/5)
Increase critical damage of all units : 2.41b%
Increase additional medal : 600%

Material Costs

Opening Cost5.00c
Next Level Cost0
Total Material Cost So Far0

Honor Costs

Next Level Cost N/A
Total Honor So Far 0