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ID Level Set Name
128Belial's Hammer setEssence of Negligence
129Belial's Hammer setEssence of Laziness
130Belial's Hammer setEssence of Arrogance
131Belial's Hammer setBelial's Hammer
132Fire Hell Lord's Arms SetBasilisk's Spear
133Fire Hell Lord's Arms SetSalim's Claw
134Fire Hell Lord's Arms SetIgnis' Sword
135Fire Hell Lord's Arms SetBahamut's Hammer
136Outland Gods Treasure SetWhite Tiger Helmet
137Outland Gods Treasure SetBlue Dragon Armor
138Outland Gods Treasure SetPhoenix Cloak
139Outland Gods Treasure SetBlack Turtle Shield
140Heroes Weapon SetHuman Hero's Sword
141Heroes Weapon SetElf Hero's Bow
142Heroes Weapon SetUndead Hero's Staff
143Heroes Weapon SetOrc Hero's Axe
144Fire Hell Lord's Arms SetSun Ring
145Outland Gods Treasure SetHorus’s Greatsword
146Desert of Legend Treasure SetPoison-Impervious Cloak
147Desert of Legend Treasure SetArmor of Sandstorm
148Desert of Legend Treasure SetLord’s Helmet
149Desert of Legend Treasure SetBoots of Iron Wall
150Outland Gods Treasure SetYellow Dragon Saber
151Plague's Cataclysm SetTaratoad's Wand
152Plague's Cataclysm SetNerugal's Spear
153Plague's Cataclysm SetAxe of Gorgos
154Plague's Cataclysm SetBeelzebub's Sword
155Plague's Cataclysm SetGaia's Rage
156Relic of Victory SetPlate Armor of Ares
157Relic of Victory SetAthena's Shield
158Relic of Authority SetHera's Ring
159Relic of Fertility SetWinged Boots of Hermes
160Relic of Fertility SetBow of Artemis
161Relic of Authority SetSpear of Zeus
162Relic of Authority SetTrident of Poseidon
163Relic of Victory SetHammer of Hephaistos
164Relic of Amusement SetPotion of Dionysus
165Relic of Amusement SetMirror of Venus
166Relic of Amusement SetHarp of Apollo
167Relic of Fertility SetStatue of Goddess of Fertility
168Legendary Volcanic Treasure SetFlaming Mask of Retribution
169Legendary Volcanic Treasure SetFlaming Armor of Retribution
170Legendary Volcanic Treasure SetFlaming Cloak of Retribution
171Legendary Volcanic Treasure SetFlaming Boots of Retribution
172Weapons of Ancient MythologyLoki's Trickster Card
173Weapons of Ancient MythologyFreya's Necklace
174Weapons of Ancient MythologyOdin's Spear
175Weapons of Ancient MythologyThor's Hammer
176Warning of RagnarokWheel of Fate
177Warning of RagnarokScissors of Fate
178Warning of RagnarokThread of Fate
179Warning of RagnarokHorn of Warning
180Treasures of GodsLaevateinn
181Treasures of GodsMistilteinn
182Treasures of GodsTyrfing
183Treasures of GodsAvalanche Bow
184Hell Lord's WeaponsHell Lord's Winged Cape
185Hell Lord's WeaponsHell Lord's Bone Boots
186Hell Lord's WeaponsHell Lord's Bone Armor
187Hell Lord's WeaponsHell Lord's Twin Swords
188Hell Lord's WeaponsHell Lord's Horned Skull
189Hell Lord's WeaponsHell Lord's Amulet
190Legendary Treasures of ForestFallen Forest Master's Armor
191Legendary Treasures of ForestFallen Forest Master's Mask
192Legendary Treasures of ForestFallen Forest Master's Shield
193Legendary Treasures of ForestFallen Forest Master's Wand
206Lunar Goddess' Treasure setLunar Goddess' Amulet
207Lunar Goddess' Treasure setLunar Goddess' Crystal Ball
208Ancient Claws SetAncient Lesser Panda's Claws
209Ancient Claws SetAncient Panda's Claws
210Relic Set of Halloween FriendsBroom of Halloween Night
211Relic Set of Halloween FriendsNovel of Halloween Night
216Christmas Magician SetChristmas Magician Hat
217Christmas Magician SetChristmas Magician Staff
223Root of Fortune SetLucky Pig Ornament
224Root of Fortune SetGolden Pig Statue
243Bear Family Treasure SetDaddy Bear Treasure
244Bear Family Treasure SetMommy Bear Treasure
249Duru and Dutu's Water Play SetDuru's Snorkeling Gear
250Duru and Dutu's Water Play SetDutu's Sufing Gear