Artifact Book

ID Level Set Name
194Relic Set of HeliopolisJeweled Sword of the Sun
195Relic Set of HeliopolisHelm of the Sun
196Relic Set of HeliopolisArmor of the Sun
197Relic Set of Blessed CityBlessed Bracelets of Regeneration
198Relic Set of Blessed CityBlessed Necklace of Regeneration
199Relic Set of Blessed CityBlessed Ring of Regeneration
200Relic Set of NecropolisStaff of Death
201Relic Set of NecropolisSpellbook of Death
202Relic Set of NecropolisScales of Death
203Relic Set of Great Canal CityKhopesh of Flooding
204Relic Set of Great Canal CityBow of Flooding
205Relic Set of Great Canal CitySpear of Flooding
218Treasure Set of Legendary Ghost KingFan of Fierce Ghost King
219Treasure Set of Legendary Ghost KingSpiked Club of Fierce Ghost King
220Treasure Set of Legendary Ghost KingGreat Bow of Fierce Ghost King
221Treasure Set of Legendary Ghost KingGloves of Fierce Ghost King
222Treasure Set of Legendary Ghost KingWhip of Fierce Ghost King
225Arctic Hail Dragon Arms SetArctic Hail Dragon Boots
226Arctic Hail Dragon Arms SetArctic Hail Dragon Helm
227Arctic Hail Dragon Arms SetArctic Hail Dragon Bracers
228Arctic Hail Dragon Arms SetArctic Hail Dragon Manteau
229Arctic Hail Dragon Arms SetArctic Hail Dragon Armor
230Arctic Hail Dragon Arms SetArctic Hail Dragon Earrings
231Light of Netherworld SetShining Amrita
232Light of Netherworld SetShining Sun Wheel
233Light of Netherworld SetShining Wing Accessary
234Legacy of Eternal Beauty SetGolden Crown of Goddess
235Legacy of Eternal Beauty SetVeena of Goddess
236Legacy of Eternal Beauty SetEarrings of Goddess
237Astra of Battlefield SetTrishula of Supreme Destroyer
238Astra of Battlefield SetVasavi, the Thunder Spear
239Astra of Battlefield SetChandrahas, the Lunar Sword
240Protector of Peace SetParashu of Peace God
241Protector of Peace SetLasso of Varuna
242Protector of Peace SetScripture of Knowledge