25One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased20%
50One's(Own) Tribe's HP Increased50%
100One's(Own) Tribe's Moving Speed Increased1%
200One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased40%
300One's(Own) Tribe's Moving Speed Increased1%
500Own Attack Distance Increased1%
700One's(Own) Tribe's HP Increased50%
900One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Distance Increased1%
1100One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Rate Increased1%
1200One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Speed Increased1%
1300One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased400%
1400One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased500%
1500One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased3.00a%

Unit Stats

Attack Power : 32.0 (+3.2)
HP : 210.0 (+21.0)
Physical Defense : 2.4 (+0.24)
Magical Defense : 2.4 (+0.24)
Attack Speed : 60
Movement Speed : 1.1
Attack Range : 154
Critical Rate : 0.2%
Critical Damage : 0.5
Respawn Time : 150

Unit Attacks and Abilities

+ Normal Attack: Attack maximum of 3 enemies by throwing an energy of holy light, and stun them.
+ Skill Attack: Summon a gigantic cross to attack the enemy and recover friendly unit’s health.
+ Special Ability 1: Increases the basic speed of the game by 4%, and increase movement speed of Human unit and Orc unit by 2%, and their attack range by 3%.
+ Special Ability 2: Appear near the enemy when first appearing, and casts buff to increase the caster’s movement speed and attack speed.
+ Special Ability 3: Unaffected by attacks by terrain above Stage 10,000.
+ Dimensional Binding (Human and Orc): Increase the attack power, HP, and defense power of Human and Orc unit in the Outland battle by 5%. (Dimensional Binding cannot exceed maximum of 150% and it’s applied cumulatively even when in Time Shop.)
+ Tribe Fortification: Increases the Human unit’s ability (attack power/defense power/HP) by 10 levels, and Orc unit’s ability by 5 levels. ([Tribe Fortification] is only applied on the stages and it’s cumulative, but unit’s ability cannot increase above +150 levels. Not applied when in Time Shop.)
+ Innervate 2- reduces Outland Battle skill cool time by 1% (Innervate 2 is cumulative, but cannot exceed max 40%. Applied even when the unit is in the Time Shop.)

Signature Equipment

Coming Soon™