Senior Bomb Unit


25Own Attack Power Increased31%
50Own Critical Strike Damage Increased95%
100Own Attack Power Increased31%
200Quest Gold Increased28%
300Own Critical Strike Rate Increased4%
500Own Attack Distance Increased9%
700Own Critical Strike Damage Increased95%
900Own Critical Strike Rate Increased4%
1100Own Attack Power Increased300%
1200Ranged units' Attack Power Increased200%
1300Own Attack Distance Increased15%
1400All units' Critical Strike Damage Increased800%
1500All units' Critical Strike Damage Increased3.00a%
1600Ranged units' Attack Power Increased50.00a%
1700All units' Critical Strike Damage Increased54.00a%
1800All units' Critical Strike Damage Increased162.00a%
1900All units' Attack Power Increased467.00a%
2000All units' Critical Strike Damage Increased1.45b%

Unit Stats

Attack Power : 71.5 (+7.15)
HP : 252.0 (+25.2)
Physical Defense : 3.2 (+0.32)
Magical Defense : 3.2 (+0.32)
Attack Speed : 65
Movement Speed : 0.855
Attack Range : 130
Critical Rate : 0.2%
Critical Damage : 0.5
Respawn Time : 150

Unit Attacks and Abilities

+General Attack: By throwing two bombs, damage the ranged air units and ground units. +Skill Attack: With a bigger bomb, damage a number of ground units and blow them away. +Special Ability: When died, revive immediately with 60% of HP on certain possibilities. Depending on possibilities, repetitive revivals are also possible.

# Trans Material 1


# Trans Material 2


# Trans Material 3


Signature Equipment

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