Senior Death Knight


25Own Defense Power Increased34%
50Own HP Increased56%
100Quest Gold Increased27%
200One's(Own) Tribe's Defense Power Increased20%
300Own Attack Power Increased28%
500One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased20%
700One's(Own) Tribe's Moving Speed Increased3%
900One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased20%
1100All units' HP Increased200%
1200Melee units' Attack Power Increased200%
1300One's(Own) Tribe's Moving Speed Increased3%
1400One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Speed Increased5%
1500One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased6.00a%
1600One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased28.00a%
1700Melee units' Attack Power Increased128.00a%
1800One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased400.00a%
1900One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased700.00a%
2000One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased2.20b%

Unit Stats

Attack Power : 88.0 (+8.8)
HP : 444.0 (+44.4)
Physical Defense : 10.8 (+1.08)
Magical Defense : 5.4 (+0.54)
Attack Speed : 60
Movement Speed : 1.326
Attack Range : 30
Critical Rate : 0.2%
Critical Damage : 0.5
Respawn Time : 150

Unit Attacks and Abilities

+General Attack : Melee Magical Attack
+Skill Attack : By summoning a gigantic magic sword, tremendously damage distant units. When the sword explodes, surrounding units will be flown away and get huge damage
+Special Ability : Never be pushed back (Immune to knock back)

# Trans Material 1


# Trans Material 2


# Trans Material 3


Signature Equipment

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