Senior Dark Ninja


Pet Couple

25Own Attack Power Increased31%
50Own Attack Power Increased31%
100Own Critical Strike Rate Increased4%
200Own Critical Strike Damage Increased95%
300Own Attack Power Increased31%
500Melee units' Moving Speed Increased4%
700Own Critical Strike Damage Increased95%
900Own Critical Strike Damage Increased95%
1100Own Attack Power Increased300%
1200Own Critical Strike Damage Increased200%
1300One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased500%
1400One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased900%
1500Melee units' Critical Strike Damage Increased4.80a%
1600One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased46.00a%
1700Melee units' Attack Speed Increased2%
1800Melee units' Attack Power Increased380.00a%
1900Melee units' Critical Strike Damage Increased620.00a%
2000One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased4.00b%

Unit Stats

Attack Power : 80.0 (+8.0)
HP : 370.0 (+37.0)
Physical Defense : 4.0 (+0.4)
Magical Defense : 6.5 (+0.65)
Attack Speed : 60
Movement Speed : 1.338
Attack Range : 40
Critical Rate : 0.2%
Critical Damage : 0.5
Respawn Time : 150

Unit Attacks and Abilities

+ General Attack : Attacks eight times in a row at a fast speed. It may change targets, teleport to the enemy at once and attack.
+ Skill Attack : Pull a distant enemy(including an air unit) towards oneself by using a rake and strike at a fast speed
+ Special Ability 1 : increase the basic speed of the game and moving speed of all units by 5%
+ Special Ability 2 : Operates a shield, which lets only 1% damage penetrate at a regular rate when attacked
+ Special Ability 3 : Immune to stun. Restores HP slightly when attacking.
+ Special Ability 4 : When HP is under 30%, has a 70% chance to dodge enemy attacks.

# Trans Material 1


# Trans Material 2


# Trans Material 3