Senior Griffin Rider


25Own Attack Power Increased31%
50Own HP Increased61%
100One's(Own) Tribe's Moving Speed Increased2%
200Own Attack Power Increased31%
300Own Attack Distance Increased3%
500One's(Own) Tribe's Moving Speed Increased2%
700A chance to avoid ranged attack increased5%
900Own Critical Strike Damage Increased95%
1100Own Critical Strike Damage Increased200%
1200Own Critical Strike Rate Increased4%
1300One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Speed Increased2%
1400One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased1.00a%
1500One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased4.00a%
1600Ranged units' Attack Power Increased42.00a%
1700Ranged units' Critical Strike Damage Increased70.00a%
1800One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased210.00a%
1900One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased1.15b%
2000One's(Own) Tribe's Critical Strike Damage Increased3.32b%

Unit Stats

Attack Power : 60.0 (+6.0)
HP : 285.0 (+28.5)
Physical Defense : 4.0 (+0.4)
Magical Defense : 6.5 (+0.65)
Attack Speed : 60
Movement Speed : 1.215
Attack Range : 140
Critical Rate : 0.2%
Critical Damage : 0.5
Respawn Time : 150

Unit Attacks and Abilities

+ General Attack : Throws two long spears. knocks back and stuns the enemy for a while.
+ Skill Attack : Throws several spears with two times damage, knocks back and stuns the enemy for a while.
+ Special Ability 1 : Increase the movement speed of each air unit in the team by 0.7%. In case of guild war, increases by 0.07%. ( If possessing 5 air units, increases the movement speed by 3.5%. ( Guild war : increases by 0.35% ) )
+ Special Ability 2 : increase offline marching speed by 15%
+ Special Ability 3 : Makes oneself invisible at a regular rate and avoids all range attacks when attacked by enemies.
+ Special Ability 4 : Attacks only the enemies that can operate range air attack. (
+ Disregards the skill that makes air units see oneself, among the skills of close units )

# Trans Material 1


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# Trans Material 3


Signature Equipment

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